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Specialist Neurosurgeon

Dr Sudhir Dookie works with the entire nervous system that starts in your brain, runs through your spine, and branches out to all areas of your body. Often, pain that you feel is travelling through the nervous system.

Neurosurgeons treat many painful conditions, such as low back pain, sciatica, pinched nerves and chronic pain. These conditions may manifest itself in one place but appear in another.

Most people think of neurosurgeons as doctors performing complex surgery. While it’s true that neurosurgeons can perform complicated surgical procedures in the spine and brain, it’s often non-surgical or conservative care that is prescribed.

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Experienced Neurosurgeon

Dr Dookie deals with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of various brain and spine conditions.

Advanced Neurosurgery

Highly Advanced State of the Art Neurosurgery Technology.

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We provide the utmost high-quality care available.

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Neurosurgery, or neurological surgery, is the medical specialty concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, surgical treatment, and rehabilitation of disorders which affect the central nervous system.


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New technologies and techniques allow neurosurgeons to perform surgery with cutting-edge precision and safety.

Our practice gives you an overall focus on your body’s nervous system and the conditions – whether trauma, degenerative or chronic pain – that affect you. We will work with you to determine the best treatment plans for your condition to achieve the best outcomes possible for you.

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Spine and Nerve

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About Dr Sudhir Dookie

Qualified Specialist Neurosurgeon.

He attained his medical degree from the University of Natal in 2006 and later furthered his studies by specialising in the Department of Neurosurgery. He had completed this specialist training to qualify as a Neurosurgeon in 2015 by becoming a Fellow of the College of Neurosurgeons of South Africa. Dr Dookie was awarded the Medal for outstanding achievement as the top performing candidate in his specialist examination. Subsequent to this, he additionally completed a Masters in Neurosurgery.

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